Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Favorites - March 8, 2013

Howdy, friends!  I hope you've had a wonderful week!  I can't complain too much, though I am glad to see the end of this one.  I'm looking forward to spending the weekend with my sweet husband, who rarely gets both Saturday and Sunday off.  St. Louis is supposed to have a 65-degree Saturday - Yippee!!  I think I've talked Bill into going car shopping with me.  I've got a 1996 Corolla with 228,000 miles on it.  I think we may be on borrowed time.  I hope we'll find something that we like so we can start hunting for the best deal.  Wish us luck!  In the meantime, here are some cool things I want to share with you.

Favorite sweet:  Chocolate Mint Pretzel Bites  These are so cute and they look so yummy!

Favorite pup:  A soul this sweet  There is something so beautiful about an older dog, don't you think?  It's like they've stored up all the love they've been given and they can impart it to you with just a look.  Amazing, special creatures...and more proof of God's love.


Favorite quote:  Poe  I've always loved him, and I always will.


Favorite yum:  Avocado hummus  I actually made my very first batch of classic hummus this week, and I liked it.  I can't wait to try this hummus recipe!


Favorite garnish:  Raw amethyst slice necklace  Maybe it's because my high school colors were purple and white ( GO CHIEFS!), but I LOVE this necklace!  What a lovely statement piece this would be.

Reserved - Raw Amethyst Slice Necklace

Favorite funny:  Hokey Pokey addiction  I've turned myself around.  HA!


Favorite unexpected artwork:  framed doilies  Wouldn't this be lovely to do with any handmade textiles you might have inherited from grandma or great-grandma?  I had a grandmother who tatted, crocheted, quilted, etc., etc.  I think this is a wonderful idea and a way to keep her close in heart.

Favorite DIY:  fan blades  I wish I'd thought of this!


Favorite new routine:  Good Karma skincare set from Pacifica.  I love the way the new cleanser and moisturizer make my face feel.  The BB cream is nice when you don't want to put on heavy makeup, and the Guava Berry lip balm makes for soft, silky lips.  I highly recommend this set!


Favorite new song:  "All Over Again" from In Time by The Mavericks.  This is one terrific album!  It's so great to see The Mavericks back together again.  Check it out for some great new alt-country tunes.

Enjoy your weekend -- and don't forget to spring forward!