Friday, July 15, 2011

"If I had a nickel for every chocolate chip cookie I've made over the years, I'd be rich!"

My mom Betty (the pretty lady on the left) is the world's best chocolate chip cookie maker, hands down.  She's been perfecting them since I was a little tyke (middle).  She's a wonderful all-around cook, just like my Grandma Sherman (right), but her baking skills are seriously second to none!

I truly believe she's made an average of three batches every week since I was born!  Since I am now 39, that puts her total (including some extra batches for school bake sales, visiting teaching appointments, parties, potlucks, etc.) close to 350,000 cookies!

I love my mom for teaching me by example that kindness goes a long, long way.  To this day she shares her scrumptious cookies with every neighbor, friend, relative and mail carrier she knows.  Perfect strangers share their life stories with my mom because they can tell without even knowing her what a sweet and kind spirit she has.  I'm so privileged to have her as my mom.  I hope I can measure up to her example in some small way.

I love you, Mom.  (And thanks for the chocolate chip cookie recipe!)

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