Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall and Halloween in one fell...wreath?

Why, yes!

I've seen all kinds of cute yarn wreaths this year.  The argyle ones are my favorites, so I decided to make one for myself.  My mom, clever packrat crafter that she is, hung onto a wreath form for the past 20 years just for me!  Well, not really, but it did work out that way, lucky for me.

I headed to my nearest Michaels store to find some yarn and some felt to make the argyle wreath.  The selection was quite extensive.  After going back and forth, talking myself in and out of several color combinations, I ended up with these:

Real Teal would be the accent color - the Xs in the argyle design - and True Gray would be the color of the wreath itself.  To go along with those, I chose Creatology brand felt in Goldenrod and Ruby (you get an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet for 29 cents!).  I thought those colors would be pretty together.  Don't you think they work?

So I went on about my business, admiring my new wreath whenever I walked in or out of the front door.  Then, out of the blue, I stumbled upon this adorable bat wreath on Pinterest last week:
Bat wreath

I thought to myself, Hey, couldn't I just unpin the argyles from my gray yarn wreath, get some black felt for the bat and make myself a Halloween wreath too???  It's too good to be true -- I could have two for practically the price of one!  I went back to Michaels and spent another whopping 29 cents for a sheet of black felt and $1.29 for a package of red scrapbooking gems for the eyes (I didn't like the gold triangles much).  I had a perfect piece of goldenrod felt leftover from my argyle wreath, so I got out my trusty Corelle cereal bowl to draw around for the moon.  I drew the bat freeform using the picture above for reference.  Here's my version of the bat wreath:

Isn't it cute?!  It's a shame I have to wait until next Halloween to hang this wreath on the door, but until then I can console myself with my equally cute argyle wreath.  Heck, I might just go buy some pastel felt and make a spring argyle wreath too.  Somebody stop me!  :-)

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