Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Favorites: Week 5

Favorite imaginary boyfriend:

I'll admit it - flawed as he is, I like Don Draper.
Did you know that Jon Hamm shares my hometown of St. Louis?  Better yet, he's a

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Honey, you can cook for me any. day. of. the. week. [sigh]

And speaking of Don Draper, one of my favorite boutiques here in St. Louis, Maven, sells Don Draper glycerin soap!  I just bought some for my husband last weekend, and he loves it!  It's "a surprisingly refreshing mix of gin martini and bay rum.  Very fresh -- don't knock it 'til you try it!"  I concur.  It would be a great gift for Father's Day.  Just sayin'. 

Favorite funny:

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This applies to a lot of people I know...including me from time to time!

Favorite new song:
Mermaid by Train

"Can't swim, so I took a boat
to an island so remote,
only Johnny Depp has ever been to it before..."

California 37

Favorite refresher:
Basil Lemonade.  I tasted this at a local coffee shop last weekend - so satisfying!

Favorite summer getaway:

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Favorite gasp of the week:

Look at this gorgeous shot of the moon over the Caribbean!

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Favorite snack:

Churro chex.  Yowza, does that look yummy!

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Favorite sunroom:

Don't you just want to call all your friends over, make some fresh lemonade and snacks and hang out here for a couple of hours?  I do!

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Favorite thing I'd do if I had too much time on my hands:

Make my own designer band-aids!

Favorite kitchen tile:

Look at this gorgeousness!!!  The colors make me think it's slate, but I really love the iridescence.  Beautiful!

Plug It In

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!


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