Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Favorites: Week 3

Favorite Funny:
Apparently, there's already a sequel to the movie "Battleship" in the works:

Pinned Image
We so should have seen it coming...

Favorite pop of color for the home:

Painted orange curtains from Suburbs Mama.  How cute are these?!

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Favorite dessert I *have* to try:

Favorite springy craft idea:

Spring Poppy Vase from Crafts by Amanda

Pinned Image

Favorite arm candy:

Beach Time Bangle Set by Sweet Auburn Studio

Beach Time Bangle Set

Favorite silly animal photo:

Pinned Image

Favorite meal idea I found this week:

Veggie Pesto Pizza from Lauren's Latest

Veggie Pesto Pizza Final
I just discovered this lovely blog and can't wait to try more yummy recipes like this one!

Favorite blast from the past:

Panama by Van Halen.  I keep hearing it on the radio this week, and every time it gets to this part

Got the feelin', power steerin'
Pistons poppin' ain't no stoppin' ((((now))))

I see this image from the video in my head, and I have to do jazz hands just like Dave.

Favorite cute summer dress:

Banded Multi Dot Dress from Dress Barn.  Just add a fun clutch and some sandals!

Banded Multi Dot Dress

Favorite place I want to hang out in:
Somebody bring me some fresh squeezed lemonade.  Pretty please??

Pinned Image

Enjoy your weekend, friends!  :-)


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