Monday, August 8, 2011

Daily Style: Cowboys & Aliens

Bill and I went to see the movie "Cowboys & Aliens" on Saturday night.  I've been looking forward to it the past couple of months for two reasons:  (1) I like Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford, and (2) this movie boasted not one, not two, but THREE of my favorite "character" actors of all time:

Clancy Brown
David O'Hara

Adam Beach
SPOILER ALERT:  Sadly, not all of these fine fellows survived the alien attacks.  :-(  But it was fun to see them on the big screen again anyway.

So today, I had to try to incorporate a small nod to the movie in my clothing choices.  As you know, any good alien is going to have *some* resemblance to the scariest things on our planet: snakes!  These aliens were no exception.  They had fangs, scales and a healthy disdain for the human race.  That's a snake in my book, all right.  So I chose to wear this snakeskin print tank from Fashion Bug underneath a jacket that reminds me of a rust-colored desert canyon:

Please forgive the "Napoleon" pose in this one.  LOL!  I'm still a new blogger, remember, and I haven't quite learned how to look natural in front of the camera.  I'll get better.  ;-)

Necklace:  Arc Bar by The Altered Chain

Nails:  Revlon Peachy, OPI Silver Shatter

Too bad I don't own a pair of cowboy boots...  Hi-yo, Silver (bangles)! Away!!!

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