Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day Four: Color Block

My, my - here we are already on Day Four!  I've really enjoyed participating in Kayla's 21-Day Challenge over at Freckles in April.  Today is the day to color block.  What does that mean??  Well, I'll tell you.  It means wearing big, bold blocks of solid colors together! 

Now, I have to admit I feel a little Miami Vice in this, but I really like the bright colors:

(and yes, I know we need to cut the grass -- sorry!)

This next one is a dumb-looking photo.  I look like I'm saying, "Where did I put my caviar, Jeeves?" in a hoity-toity voice, when all I really meant to do was show you my beautiful sapphire ring.  It belonged to my mom, and she bought it in the 60s so it has that great vintage setting.  Plus, it's a deep royal blue stone instead of the navy stones you seem to see in sapphires now. 

She gave it to me for Christmas a few years ago, and I will always treasure it. I still remember ooh-ing and ahh-ing over it when I was a little girl. :-) Moms are pretty fantastic, aren't they?! Here's a better shot:

And last but not least is the earring shot.  I seem to think you all really want to see my earrings.  I mean, really...I need to work on that vanity problem, don't I?! 

I bought these for my wedding in 2008 when I discovered the wonder that is Etsy.  I didn't end up wearing them on my big day after all, but I still really love them.  They have an identical pair available at  Don't let them intimidate you into thinking you can *only* wear them for a wedding (they're called bridal earrings, after all).  I swear I've worn them many places, and the earring police have never bothered me.


  1. Cute! Great colors--this makes me want some white pants. That ring is beautiful, what a treasure.

  2. Way to go with the color blocking! I love your color choices...and your accessories. I just found your Hump Day Hobbies postings and love them. When it comes to card making you are one talented lady! Willie is pretty cute, too. =)

  3. I so agree with you on wedding jewelry. I have re-worn most of the stuff I used for the day.

    Love the color combo. It's so happy!


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