Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day Ten: Wear a Closet Orphan

Just in case you're not up on your fashion blog definitions, I'll tell you what a "closet orphan" is.  It's an item of clothing in your closet that you don't wear often.  You're welcome.

I have quite a few of these orphans.  Today I chose two that I'm pretty sure I bought back in May of 2002.  How do I know that, you ask?  Well, it's because I bought this outfit for a special event:

I saw Harry Connick, Jr. in concert for the first time on June 1, 2002.  I paid a whopping $34.25.  Worth. Every. Penny.  That man has talent like I've never seen!

Here's what I bought and wore to see Harry:

Every time I wear this outfit I get compliments on it.  So *why* don't I wear it?  Simple - I forget about it!  I'm ditzy as they come, people - I'm just sayin'.  And I have had it since 2002.  I might pass it over usually for something newer.  Must stop that.

Top and skirt - JCPenney, Bracelet - my new fave from The Altered Chain on, Belt - Target clearance

I kind of wish I had a dressier top to wear with this skirt.  I picked the tee because it matched so well.  I'll have to keep my eye out for a cute sweater in one of the shades of pink in the skirt and see if I can't class it up a bit.  Stay tuned and you just might see this skirt again.  :-)


  1. I kind of love outfits like this - the ones that have a great story behind them!

    And I'm super forgetful too. This often works in my husband's favor. When we are fighting, I don't remember why I'm mad!

  2. You wouldn't have to wear pink. Something green, blue, or orange would be daring. And there's always black or white.

  3. Monochromatic two days in row--I really like monochrome looks that include pattern like this. That's such a bright, fun color. I see why it draws compliments. Plus, I'm jealous you've seen Harry Connick live. :-)


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