Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day Sixteen: Menswear Inspired

Yesterday was Day 16 of the 21-Day Challenge, and the task was to come up with an outfit that could be called menswear inspired.  I already had the perfect shoes:

And so I built from there.  A quick peek into my husband's tie collection brought me this bright idea:

I fell in love with the colors in this tie and decided to use it as a belt, then pinned on a mother-of-pearl cameo tack pin to hold it in place.  I think I've had the pin for at least 20 years.  I need to wear it more.

I thought this blouse would go great with the cameo and the bright flowers in the tie.  I also added some cute brown and pink earrings I picked up at a boutique in southern Missouri.

So here's the full outfit for your sustaining vote.

All in favor, say "Man, I feel like a woman!!" LOL!

Blouse:  TJ Maxx
Tie:  Hubby's
Pin:  Older than dirt, like me!
Bracelet:  Sears
Earrings:  ca. 2005 from boutique in MO
Trousers:  JCPenney
Shoes:  Cato ($5.99!)


  1. Oh my GOSH, Chris, those shoes! I die. I'm totally jealous. I love the whole look!

  2. Those shoes are awesome, and the tie as a belt is genius. Hooray for another successful challenge outfit!


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