Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day Nine: Monochromatic (aka In the Navy)

I didn't want to do all black today (which, you know, I could have at least 10 times over from all the black clothing I own!), so I chose to wear all navy blue to comply with Kayla's challenge to wear a monochromatic outfit.

Sweater: JCPenney, Pants: Avenue, Shoes: Payless, Brooch: family treasure

Then, in the middle of last night, I had a flash of brilliance!  I remembered I had inherited this beautiful vintage brooch from either my grandmother or aunt -- and it's BLUE!  I got up out of bed, went to my jewelry box and set it out so I wouldn't forget it when I was awake.  I knew it would add a punch of glamour to this ensemble.

I have to tell you one more thing: up until about three months ago, I would have reached for navy blue shoes to go with this outfit, but today because of all the great tips I've picked up from the style blogs I've read, I knew a neutral tan sandal would look way better.  :-)

I think I like monochromatic dressing. I may try it again one day...


  1. I love those middle-of-the-night inspirations. Yours worked out GREAT! That brooch is simply gorgeous, and makes your outfit pop.

    I hear you on the nude shoes as well- I've bern wearing them a lot more lately, now that I know they pair with everything.

  2. That brooch is gorgeous! And you're right, the neutral sandals look great.


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